Logging in to My Coastguard

Changing your password:

To change your password please use the link below:

If you are a Unit leader/Content Author and changing another user's password on their behalf, please use the link below:

Please click on Accept when you see the screen below:

Please note that your password needs to have:

***** If you use Office 365 at work, you will need to use a PRIVATE browser session. To do this, Right click on the icon for EDGE or CHROME, and choose In Private or Incognito Window

If you are a CNR Radio Operator and on shift in the Operations room, you will not be able to change your password using this form.

If you have any issues changing your password or if you have forgotten your password, please email sharepoint-support@coastguard.nz. Don't forget to include your login email address.

Other support

Once you're logged in to My Coastguard, you can access additional support and learning materials in the Toolbox.
In particular, the End User Training Manual is a great place to start.
If you need to ask a question, please join the Office 365 Support ) conversation in Yammer. Remember to type @O365 Support into your message to notify us you're looking for an answer:

You can also email Office 365 Support